To you who want to whistle

Trumpet is an external whistleblower function that gives you a secure process where you can be completely anonymous. If you do not write your name in the report yourself, it is not possible to see who sent the report. Trumpet is developed based on the highest standards of confidentiality and security. Organizations that offer Trumpet want to prevent irregularities, offer a legally secure process, and increase confidence in their organization.

We company behind Trumpet is Whitepaper Advisors – a company with solid experience in investigating, managing, and preventing malpractice and financial crime.

Why did we create Trumpet?

In the early 2000s, several major corporate scandals erupted that shook the corporate world and resulted in huge value losses. A new law was passed in the United States, the “Sarbanes-Oxley Act”, which affected the requirements on how organizations needed to work with internal control.

This opened for work with risk-related issues, which has since been a common thread for us behind Whitepaper Advisors. We work with and assist companies and organizations with advice linked to whistleblower functions and investigations of various types of irregularities.

In December 2021, the EU Whistleblower Directive came into force, which requires larger organizations to set up whistleblower channels. In recent years, we have seen whistleblower functions that are not secure or where whistleblowers do not feel safe communicating directly with their organization.

We created Trumpet to offer a safe and complete whistleblower function. In Trumpet, communication takes place between whistleblowers and us as external case handlers. At the same time as it must be easy and safe for the person reporting, it must provide security for the organization that the matter is taken care of by competent administrators.